Fundraising Splash Page Checklist

Double Your Fundraising Leads

This FREE 35-Point Fundraising Splash Page checklist will show you how

Don't let your homepage get in the way of raising money! Create a Splash Page dedicated to fundraising with the FREE 35-Point Checklist. Let visitors become donors effortlessly with a page focused on raising money and showing your impact.

What's inside

Top to Bottom Guidelines

Get clear direction about what to include where — from header to footer. No more guessing about order of importance, above the "fold", or where to put the call to action.

SEO Tips

Do you know what makes your fundraising page more SEO friendly? Well, now you will.

Branding Pointers

Your brand effects what people think about you and how they respond. Does your brand have the right message and visuals?

Form Advice

Forms are the decisive moment when a visitor becomes a donor. Learn what to include and what to leave out.

You Might Be Wondering...

Who made this guide?

This guide is brought to you by Studio Civico, a design consultant focused on social change. I help mission-driven leaders increase their impact with communications and marketing that multiply their efforts — not detract from them.

Do I have to do everything on this checklist?

Of course not! Some things you might not be able to do, some you might not want to do. I should warn you though, that not implementing everything on this checklist might decrease your chance for success.

Can I download this guide and read it later?

Of course you can. Just click this link right here, and enter your email address. I will email you the checklist so you can download it, print it, share it, and use it when you're ready to raise more money.

Do I need a web developer to use this?

That depends on your website. If you're on a CMS like Wordpress, Wix, or Squarespace then you could probably do this yourself. If not, then you might need help. No worries, just email me and we'll set up a time to chat.

Ready to Raise More?

This FREE 35-Point Fundraising Splash Page Checklist will show you how.